Founded in 1997, Mindmade Books (formerly Seeing Eye Books) is a small press publishing chapbooks of modern and contemporary poetry. Among the more than seventy titles that have appeared to date are works by internationally renowned poets, several “first collections,” and occasional reprints of little-known or long-out-of-print texts.

While there is no single editorial vision, many Mindmade Books have explored the virtuality of the short lyric; the asemantic sign as a medium for poetry; and/or self-reflexivity, seriality, and constraint as compositional strategies. They have also tended to reflect an interest in coherent, chapbook-length works as opposed to groups of otherwise unrelated poems.

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Regarding submissions…
Mindmade Books does not read unsolicited manuscripts, but rather requests work from poets encountered in books and magazines, heard at readings, etc. If you are familiar with our publications and have recently published work that you feel may be of interest to Mindmade Books, please let us know and we will seek it out. You can write us via the contact page or send us an email.

– Guy Bennett